Logo Files

The following guidelines will help maintain consistency when using a logo.

  • You may reduce or enlarge the logo as a whole, but do not alter the relationship, or aspect ratio, between the elements. i.e. Do not stretch or squish when resizing.
  • In printed publications the Christian Academy cross should never be separated from the logo text. The logo text must always be in Book Antiqua font.
  • The outline around the cross and CA is always white and should never be another color.
  • The letters CA should never be separated from the cross or used by themselves to represent Christian Academy.
  • Do not screen or reverse the logo out of a color or textured background.
  • You are able to download logo artwork using the links below.

To save logo files after downloading, right click the picture and choose 'save image as...'

School System

English Station Campus

Indiana Campus

Rock Creek Campus

Southwest Campus

Christian Academy of Louisville