Blossoming the Cross Events will be March 25 and 26

Each year, the week prior to Easter, our elementary students have the opportunity to be a part of Blossoming the Cross, a wonderful symbol of the hope we share in the risen Christ, and a cherished tradition at CAL.

There are two things we are asking of you and your student.

First: Send in a live flower.  On Monday, March 25, we ask that parents send EACH child to school with a live flower (please no artificial/silk).  The flower does not have to be ornate or accompanied with greenery—a simple daffodil from home will be perfect.  We will provide vials to maintain the flowers’ freshness.  That day, teachers will take their classes out to the cross (located at the flagpole area) at a time convenient for them for a special devotion time.  The student will attach their flower, and be part of transforming a cross that was used as an instrument of pain and death into a colorful symbol of life!

Second:  Please consider joining our elementary school family in the auditorium on Tuesday, March 26, at 8:15 a.m. as we have a short time of reflection, and then proceed outside to the cross, where we will raise it in a time of celebration.

Thank you in advance for your help in making this happen!