High School Head Coach: Perry White -
8th Grade Coach: Tim Greer-
7th Grade Coach:  Will Cayton -
6th Grade Coach:  Destony Curry -


High School Head Coach: Chad Carr -
8th Grade Coach: Robert Boggs -
7th Grade Coach:  Aaron Hill -
6th Grade Coach: Scott Wilkins -



 Meet the Coach - Girls Basketball, Perry White

▪  Family: Wife, Donna; Daughter, Alyx; Daughter, Camryn
▪  Church: Okolona Christian Church
▪  Sports Played: Basketball, Football and Baseball. Basketball was my first love though!
▪  School(s) Attended: Southern High School & WKU
▪  Occupation: Nationwide Insurance Principal Agent

How long have you coached basketball?  I have coached basketball for 26 years. I started coaching boys basketball at Southern High School.

What motivates you to coach? I love working with kids and teaching the game of basketball! I also love the competition! When you finish playing, there is still a competitive drive within you that needs to be filled. I have found coaching to be the answer for me.

How do you use basketball to disciple your players? I want my players to grow in their relationship with Christ. We have a devotional every Monday as well as daily prayers. I believe it is important for my players to know they can trust me and I always stay true to my word.

What is your biggest goal in building the girls basketball program? To always give it our best effort and get the program back to State.We have a great group of girls who can accomplish that this year. They need to believe in each other and work hard to prove to the doubters!When people watch us play, I hope they come away with "that team gives it their all every single possession!" If we do that, we will achieve our goals!Play with class and dignity!

What makes you laugh out loud? I love laughing so it doesn't take much. I have a good time with pretty much everyone. I will even laugh at bad jokes!

Meet the Coach - Boys Basketball, Chad Carr

▪ Family: Wife, Heather; Daughter, Hannah;
  Son, Austin; Son, Conner
▪ Church: Highview Baptist Church
▪ Sports Played: Basketball & Baseball
▪ School(s) Attended: Georgetown and UL
▪ Occupation: Director of Finance, Pharmerica

How did you come to CAL? Our oldest son, Austin, came to CAL for the football program. As he got involved with sports at CAL, I wanted to get involved too. God opened a door for me with the basketball coaching position.

How long have you coached basketball? 14 years. I was the assistant coach at Whitefield...took some time off...and then came back to be the head coach at Whitefield for 6 years.

How do you try to be distinctive as a team? I believe it starts with our coaches. If we show them the love of Jesus on and off the court, it will teach them to love the Lord. We need to be competitive, but it’s OK to help someone up after you knock them down. We always offer to pray with the opposing team whether home or away, whether we win or lose.

How do you use basketball to disciple your players? Basketball teaches all kinds of life lessons...discipline being the biggest one. I try to have personal interactions with each player and meet them where they are spiritually. I try to elevate their relationship with Jesus. We also do devotions as a team and have some service projects lined up.

How does your relationship with Jesus affect your coaching style? My actions as a coach make me accountable at all times. In tough situations, I try to respond how Jesus responded when he was tempted. Jesus had personal attacks and weathered much more than I will ever have to. That is what keeps my struggles in perspective.

Outside of coaching, what are your passions? My family. We are an athletic family and most of our time is spent watching or playing sports with our kids. Heather and I also teach a young adults class at church. I enjoy mentoring and interacting with them.

Any hidden talents? None. You get what you see.

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