High School Head Coach: Stefan LeFors-
7th/8th Grade Coach:  Danny McGee -
5th/6th Grade Coach:  Kris Griffee -
3rd/4th Grade Coach:  Condrad Daniels -
1st/2nd Grade Coach:  Les Lala -

2017 CAL Football Schedule

8/18/2017  South Oldham High School Home   7:30PM

8/25/2017  Eastern High School Home  7:30PM

9/1/2017  Central Hardin High School Away   7:30PM

9/8/2017  Elizabethtown High School Home   7:30PM

9/15/2017  Newport Central Catholic High School  Away   7:30PM

9/29/2017  Meade County High School  Away   7:30PM 

10/6/2017  DeSales High School  Home   7:30PM (HOMECOMING)

10/13/2017  The Academy at Shawnee  Away  7:30PM 

10/20/2017  Washington County High School  Home (SENIOR NIGHT)  7:30PM

10/27/2017  Bullitt East High School  Away   7:30PM 

Meet the Coach - Stefan LeFors

♦ Family: Wife, Joy; Son, Luke; Daughter, Ella
 ♦ Church: Southeast Christian Church
 ♦ Sport(s) Played: Football
 ♦ College(s) Attended: University of Louisville (2000-2004); Drafted by Carolina Panthers (2005); CFL (Canadian Football League) Edmonton
 Eskimos (2007-2008); CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2009)
 ♦ Occupation: Scheduling Coordinator at CAL

How did you come to CAL? I knew of CAL when I was playing at UL and it reminded me a lot of my high school. I had met people from CAL and always thought it was a great place. We moved back to Louisville in 2010 and I was training quarterbacks on the weekends and one was a CAL family. They mentioned the job opening and how great it would be to have me at CAL and I went for it.

What do you love most about coaching football? The competitiveness of it. Since I can’t play any longer, I enjoy the chess match part of the game. I enjoy seeing the kids mature and grow on and off the field. Football teaches discipline and toughness. Those are life lessons I learned and made me who I am today. I want to share that with the our guys.

How long have you played football? Since I was 7 or 8 years old.

How has God used football in your life to draw you closer to him? I started school younger than everyone else and had always attended public school. When I was in 8th grade, my dad decided he wanted to hold me back so I wouldn’t graduate at the age of 17. My school wouldn’t allow me to play football a 4th year so my parents moved me to Christian Life Academy in Baton Rouge. It was supposed to be a one year gig but the school was on fire for God and it really opened my eyes. God’s calling came through athletics. It was a part of the path God had laid out for me.

How do you use football to disciple your players? The discipline and teamwork of football makes guys more comfortable to open up spiritually. Respect is there and it allows the guys to be more open to listen. Our staff does a great job of being intentional with our players.

How do you try to be distinctive as a team? We pray with opposing teams after games and the response from other coaches has been positive. Last year we gave all opposing coaches Tony Dungy’s book with a note. They notice something is different about CAL.

Best Superbowl matchup? Saints vs. Anyone.