Sporting events and games are natural gathering places where fellowship and fun is experienced by students, parents, coaches, those in the stands and many others. At Christian Academy, having a competitive athletic program is very important to developing the God-given abilities of many of our students.

Fostering each athlete’s personal relationship with Christ is the first priority within the competitive Centurion Athletics Program. Those students that leave Christian Academy having participated in Centurion Athletics will know how a relationship with Christ can grow on the field or in interaction with other players. The gifts instilled in each athlete by God are placed there by Him for His glory and honor, and each athlete is taught how to appreciate and cultivate their respective gifts in an effort to deepen their own relationships with Christ.

The Centurion Athletic Program is dedicated to producing disciplined, Christ-honoring teams that are excellent at all levels. Discipline means not only knowing the basic skills of a sport and being in shape and ready to play, but also exercising good sportsmanship, and displaying Christ-honoring behavior, win or lose.

Student-athletes are also taught how to be ambassadors for Christian Academy by being living examples of hospitality and humility at every game and event, offering prayer and genuine gratitude for the opportunity to compete.

High School Sports
Christian Academy of Louisville currently offers students the opportunity to participate in 24 varsity sports during three seasons. The Centurion Athletic Complex includes fields for baseball, field hockey, football, soccer, softball and track & field; two gymnasiums; and a weight room. Fall Sports: cheerleading, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, soccer and volleyball. Winter Sports: archery, basketball, bowling, cheerleading and swimming. Spring Sports: baseball, lacrosse, softball, tennis and track & field.

Middle School Sports
Foundational training and practice for high school athletics begins early at Christian Academy. As students hone their athletic abilities and skills, they are also interacting with coaches that prioritize the spiritual lessons that may be learned through sports. Fall Sports: cheerleading, cross country, field hockey, football (middle and elementary school), tennis and volleyball.Winter Sports: archery, basketball, bowling and swimming. Spring Sports: baseball, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball and track & field.

Elementary Intramural
Each of the Christian Academy of Louisville elementary schools offer intramural sports for their students. Fall Sports: cross country, tennis and volleyball. Winter Sports: basketball and cheerleading. Spring Sports: cross country, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer and tennis.

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