High School Head Coach: TBD
8th Grade Coach: Kasi Fogle - kfogle@caschools.us
7th Grade Coach:  Kasi Fogle - kfogle@caschools.us
6th Grade Coach:  Chad Foster- chad.foster@bullitt.kyschools.us

Meet the Coach - Patty Ernst

♦ Family: Husband, Kyle; Daughter, Summer; Daughter,
Cassity; Daughter, Morgan; Son, Hunter 
♦ Church: All Saints Catholic Church (Taylorsville)
♦ Sport(s) Played: Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Track
♦ College(s) Attended: IUS (played volleyball); UL ♦ Occupation: Director of Volleyball Operations, MidAmerica Sports Center

How did you come to CAL? I was coaching Darci & Steve Scott’s daughter in club volleyball in 2007. They asked me about helping out at CAL for the high school team and I did.

How long have you coached volleyball? I started coaching volleyball in 1992 at Male High School as their freshman coach. I coached there for 3 years. I moved to Kansas in 1998 and coached and taught PE at Flint Hills Christian School until I moved back to Louisville in 2004 and began working at MidAmerica.

How does your relationship with Jesus affect your coaching style? It definitely makes me a lot more patient.
How do you as a team try to be a light to teams you play? We try to lead by example in how we conduct ourselves win or lose. We also pray with opposing teams.

What experiences, coaching or playing, have shaped your faith? One year I had a girl whose mother was killed in a car accident. It made us all stop and realize that there’s more to life than wins & loses in volleyball.

Volleyball is the 2nd most popular sport in the world, exceeded only by soccer. Why do you think people love it so much? I think it’s because anyone can play it. You can play volleyball anywhere...on the beach, in your backyard, in the pool.

Which person of the Bible do you relate to most & why? Martha. I’m a doer. If stuff needs to be done, I do it.


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