Congratulations to our 2018 Scholastic Award Winners!

Gold Key Portfolio

  • Zach Bohannon- Portfolio, “Humans as Nature”
  • Jordyn Isgrigg-Portfolio, “Lynch, KY”
  • Samantha Minrath- Portfolio, “Fluidity”

Gold Key

  • Josephine Ballard-Photography, “Angelic”
  • Zach Bohannon-Photography, “Slow Shift”
  • Zach Bohannon-Photography, “Melting Feeling”
  • Zach Bohannon-Photography, “Reflecting Pool”
  • Zach Bohannon-Digital Art, “Division”
  • Ariana Jones-Digital Art, “Glitch”
  • Maddie O’Dea-Drawing, “Curious”
  • Allie Rassenfoss-Drawing, “Candlesticks”
  • Rachel Shelton-Drawing, “Identity”
  • Maggie Smith-Photography, “Escape”

Silver Key

  • Meghan Clark-Digital Art, “Self-Image”
  • Ariana Jones-Digital Art, “Pollen Collector”
  • Eden Lawrence-Ceramics, “Glazed Giggles”
  • Eden Lawrence-Ceramics, “BAHAHA”
  • Samantha Minrath-Drawing, “Thirsty”
  • Samantha Minrath-Drawing, “Abortion”
  • Samantha Minrath-Drawing, “Ink”
  • Rachel Shelton-Mixed Media, “Overworked”
  • Rachel Shelton-Mixed Media, “Birdie”
  • Rachel Shelton-Mixed Media, “Hidden”
  • Macey Sloss-Painting, “Fractalized”
  • Macey Sloss-Drawing, “Joslyn”
  • Maggie Smith-Digital Art, “Confusion”
  • Maggie Smith-Digital Art, “The Death of Snow White”
  • Hannah Wilhite-Photography, “Spoonful”

Honorable Mention Portfolios

  • Josephine Ballard-Portfolio, “Femininity”
  • Zach Bohannon-Portfolio, “Identity”
  • Samantha Minrath-Portfolio, “Abuse”
  • Riley Sexton-Portfolio, “Bones”
  • Rachel Shelton-Portfolio, “Contemporary Issues”
  • Rachel Shelton-Portfolio, “Timeline”
  • Maggie Smith-Portfolio, “In Celebration”
  • Noah Wilcox-Portfolio, “Too Big to Beat”

Honorable Mention

  • Carlie Davis-Drawing, “Pot Pie”
  • Isabella Griffee-Digital Art, “Restless”
  • Eden Lawrence-Ceramics, “Temple Tea”
  • Allie Rassenfoss-Mixed Media, “Preparation”
  • Sloane Reding-Mixed Media, “Windswept”
  • Sloane Reding-Mixed Media, “Fruit of the Harvest”
  • Adaline Sarin-Drawing, “Can you see my Soul”
  • Riley Sexton-Photography, “We still feel it”
  • Rachel Shelton-Drawing, “I’ll Love Myself When”
  • Emma Wagner-Drawing, “Roman Horse”
  • Emma Wagner-Drawing, “Welcome to the Chaos”
  • Emma Wagner-Drawing, “Street of Sorrento”
  • Emma Wagner-Drawing, “Urban Mayhem”
  • Noah Wilcox-Digital Art, “Home Destroyer”
  • Jaquelyn Wilkins-Drawing, “Licht”
  • Douglas Williams-Drawing, “All Aboard the ISS Hydroponic Pod”