Dress Code Guidelines Update

We have made an update to current dress code regarding leggings. Beginning immediately, leggings will be an approved dress code item for girls in kindergarten – fifth grade. We are happy to be making this change, but we would greatly appreciate your attention to the following as you shop for leggings:

· The leggings may only be worn under a uniform skirt, jumper or dress.
· Leggings must be solid navy, solid red or solid white and must reach the ankle.
· Socks must be worn at all times, and must meet or cover the bottom of the leggings.
· No lace, designs, emblems or symbols may be on the leggings.
· If leggings are worn, they are to be worn the entire day. They may not be taken off and on during school.

If you have any questions regarding the existing dress code guidelines or this change, please feel free to contact the elementary office for clarification.