Elementary SMART Boards

Dear Parents,

Last November, we shared information about our efforts to equip every English Station Elementary School classroom with a SMART Board. Since then, through God's provision and your stewardship, we now have SMART Boards installed in 22 out of 30 classrooms - with 14 of those 22 installed in the past two months.

A SMART Board essentially provides a giant touch screen that makes teaching and learning more engaging, efficient, and effective. For those of you with iPhones, iPod touches or iPads, SMART Boards use similar “touch and drag” movements, just with a much bigger screen that can be seen by the entire classroom.

Our desire is to equip the remaining eight English Station Elementary classrooms with SMART Boards before the end of this school year. The per-room cost is $2,700, which includes a SMART Board, a digital projector, and all materials. All installation labor is provided by our in-house Technology and Facilities teams, saving an estimated $600 per room in contracted labor costs.

The remaining eight classrooms include:

·Susan Dolan (Kindergarten)
·Tracie Del Bosco (First Grade)
·Amber Wheat (First Grade)
·Sharon Webb (Second Grade)
·Jewel Ann Aylor (Second Grade)
·Pam Hickman (Third Grade)
·Loretta Parsley (Fourth Grade)
·Jean Hoover (Music)

By investing in this project, you will be blessing both students and faculty with an incredible learning tool that will help us enhance the learning experience in the way children enjoy learning today – via technology, collaboration and interaction. Please prayerfully consider how you may be able to help. If you would like to see a SMART Board demonstration as part of your decision, please contact us and we will be glad to arrange that.
Thank you for your continued support of Christian Academy, and for the continued opportunity to serve your children and family.

In His Service,

Rebecca Thompson, English Station Elementary Principal
Rob Hough, Director of Technology
Jenny Druschke, Director of Development