Transcript Requests

Current Students






To begin your transcript request, click on the Naviance image above.  Students can use Naviance at school, in the library or school office.

* Call Mrs. Anderson at (502)753-4586 if you forgot your password.

Before we can send the transcript, students must:
  • Go to College Tab and click “Colleges I am applying to” and fill out the “Privacy Notice”. You should not do this until the fall. By that time you will know if you will be using the Common Application or not.
To request a transcript:
  • Go to College Tab and click “transcripts” on the left side. You should not do this until September.
  • Print off the college’s transcript request form from the college’s website and bring to your counselor.
To request a recommendation:
  • After you have talked with your counselor, go to the College Tab, click on “Colleges I am applying to”, click on “add/cancel request”.
  • If making a request to a teacher, talk with the teacher personally as well.

Some colleges only want a counselor recommendation, some will take either counselor or teacher, and some want both.

Common Application

Former Students

Please call Mrs. Anderson in the high school office at (502) 753-4586.