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Bible | English | Math | Science | Health & P.E. | Foreign Language | Art I


Bible | English | Math | Science | Social Studies | Foreign Language | Art II


Bible | English | Math | Science | Social Studies | Art Elective | Art III


Bible | English | Math | Computer | Social Studies | Art Elective | AP Art- 2 Periods

Art Electives

  • Paper Expressions
  • Textiles
  • Creative Painting
  • Classical Painting
  • Digital Photography

Visual Arts Course Descriptions

Art III - Advanced arts are for those students who have completed Art II and have been recommended by the art teacher. The course is a studio-type setting with independent projects directed by the teacher. Students will explore various art periods and develop work that is self-expressive. Students will work in the media that they prefer with projects that introduce new techniques.

Advanced Placement Art - This course is presented in a two-period block of time at an intense level in a studio-type setting. Students will create approximately one completed piece of artwork per week. Projects will also be completed independently. Each student will photograph and log his or her work in a portfolio to be presented to the College Board to qualify for AP college credit in the spring.

Creative Painting - In this course, students will become exposed to various and unusual supports and media on which they can paint. This first semester class will highlight such projects as hand-painting clay flower pots, transforming rocks into handpainted pets, designing a painted mirror, illustrating a theme on a piece of furniture, and fabric manipulation and design. This course introduces unlimited design and decorating ideas.

Art Paper Expressions - This class is for students with artistic ability who possess a strong interest in learning more about paper as an art form. It highlights many ways to manipulate paper to create wonderful works of art. Students will create interesting projects such as collage, scrapbooking, altered art, papier mache, paper making, marbleizing, origami, and stamping.

Digital Photography - The first semester is devoted to the history of photography, how to use your camera, various photographic techniques, and composition skills. Students will work independently out of class on specific assignments and be financially responsible for developing of assigned photographs. During the second semester, students will use their photographs in Photoshop Elements in a variety of ways.

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