Final Week of School and the Rock Creek Riding Club Horse Show

I am sitting at my desk on Monday, Memorial Day, listening to the jackhammer set the tents for the Rock Creek Riding Club Horse Show. This sound is always a reminder the end of the school year is near. While the show starts on June 2, at 7 p.m., the preparations begin this week. Due to growth in the number of participants in the horse show, a tent will extend over the driveway near the white fence on the Riding Club property. We strive to be good neighbors, so what does this mean for Rock Creek families?


  • Single file carpool line along the Riding Club driveway and in front of the white house.
    • We must leave a lane of their driveway open for a fire lane and to allow exit for club personnel/members.
    • Riding Club personnel will be helping direct carpool line.
  • Single line carpool will drive under the tent, which has an 8 foot clearance.
  • Double carpool lines will begin after passing through the tent.

Parking for End of Year Events

  • Parking is not available under the trees of the Riding Club property.
  • Parking is available on campus, in the gravel lot, and at the park along Rock Creek Drive.
  • Friday afternoon will be the most affected, please be patient.

Important Rock Creek Events:

  • Wed., May 27          No Chapel Today; Fifth Grade Day of Service
  • Thurs., May 28       Kindergarten Graduation- 10 a.m.
  • Fri., May 29             Last Day of School Chapel– 1:30 p.m.,
                                     “Celebrating the Year and Honoring Fifth Graders”
    • Students are not required to wear Chapel clothes.
    • 1:15 p.m.- Kindergarten-4th grade students and parents will line the walkway.
    • 1:25 p.m.- 5th grade students will take their final walk along the walkway.
    • Everyone cheers for them as they pass!
    • Students are allowed to leave with their parents at the end of Chapel.
    • Any student going home with someone other than a parent or grandparent will need a permission note or will need to come to the office and sign out.
    • Students remaining on campus are to return to their classroom with their teacher.