God is Bigger

Every morning I see this rock when I drop my children off at school. “God is Bigger” it reads. 

Christian Academy School System | God is Bigger

I have seen this rock every day for the last 3 years.

I have read those words every day for the last 3 years.

I really do believe that God is Bigger – He is infinitely bigger.

But it has only been during the last two months that I started to really see this rock with new eyes, and starting reading the words in a profound, meaningful way.

It may seem like a simple rock, with a simple message, but this rock speaks volumes.

 “God is Bigger” than yesterday’s regrets.

                 “I wish I had spent more time at home, instead of travelling for work, when the kids were

                “If only I had known about Christian Academy when the kids were younger….”

                “I wish I had taken more time to get to know that interesting neighbor who passed away.”

“God is Bigger” than today’s circumstances.

                “So much to do, so little time…there’s no way I can get it all done.”

               “The kids are testing my patience. I lost it trying to get everyone out the door this morning. I will 
                definitely not win “Mom of the Year” award today.”              

                “My dear friend with cancer is losing her battle.”

 “God is Bigger” than tomorrow’s fears and concerns.”

               “Do we trust God with the kids? When they make decisions we may not agree with, do we trust God
                will handle the situation in His ways, in His timing?”

              “As we look to the post-high school years, and the kids are out of the house, will they continue to
                go to church, and make their faith their own?"
                “My aging parents are requiring more help, and I anticipate even more needs coming soon. How 
will we take care of them, while we are still raising kids?”

Yes, God is Bigger. Those words have stuck, and repeat in my head throughout the day. The rock is a vibrant image in my mind.

I now see the rock, but I don’t see the rock.

I see a symbol of faith and truth - a promise that has been made just for me, and just for you.

I am thankful for this rock. I am thankful for those who were wise enough to place that rock, with those words, in that location, for parents to see every single day as they drop their children off in carpool. I have been blessed by this rock.

So the next time you drive by this rock in carpool, accept the invitation to leave yesterday’s regrets, today’s circumstances, and tomorrow’s fears and concerns by the rock as you pass by. That’s why it was placed there.

-An English Station Mom  

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