God Knows Best and Gives Graciously

The chapel speaker showed 1st grader, Teagan 3 closed boxes, small, medium and large. He knew what was in each of the boxes, but Teagan did not. He knew which box held the best prize, but Teagan did not. He allowed her to choose a box. She could have picked a can of corn or a light bulb but she happened to pick the best prize, a gift card. That doesn’t always happen to us, we do not always pick what is best for us because we do not ask God. God always knows what the best is for us.

One time Peter and John were going to the temple when they saw a crippled man who was being carried into the temple. The crippled man asked them for money which he thought was the best gift he could ask for. Peter told him he did not have money, but in the name of Christ he would ask God to let the man walk. Instantly, the man jumped to his feet and began to walk and praise God.

Just like that man we think we know what is best for us, but if like Peter we ask God for the best thing for us, He will graciously give it to us.