Honor with Your Heart and Your Lips

Christian Academy School System | Rock Creek Campus | Chapel | September 10, 2014Are you good at hula hooping? How about jump roping? We had two students, Anna and Jessie, demonstrate just how good they are at these activities. The problem arose when they tried to do both things at the same time. It resulted in a mass of rope, hoop and legs.

Dr. Shell used this to demonstrate that it is very hard to do two things well at the same time, or what adults call multi-tasking. Then he told us the parable of the Vineyard from Isaiah 5. God tried everything to make the vineyard the best. He chose a fertile hillside, cleared the stones, planted it with choicest plants and even built a watch tower. But when he looked for the crop of good grapes all he found was nasty, gross grapes. This is not what he intended.

We are often like this in our Christian walk, on the outside we are doing it all during worship, so we should expect good fruit on the playground as well. Instead we find mean attitudes and ugly words. This is not what God intended. We must honor with our heart and our lips if we are to love passionately.