I Doubt It, Prove It

We all know people who say that about almost any statement. “Prove it, show me.” It was no different after Jesus resurrection. After he appeared to the apostles and some of the women, they told Thomas about seeing Him. Thomas’ answer was, “Prove it. Unless I touch and see I will not believe.”

A week later all the apostles, including Thomas, were gathered in a locked house when Jesus simply appeared. Jesus was not in the house when Thomas first doubted, but he knew what Thomas needed. In the same way, He knows what we need, and as He came to Thomas, He will come to us.

Thomas’ response to seeing and feeling Jesus was, “My Lord and my God.” That is was belief looks like. Though Thomas was slow to believe, his response was a very clear confession of Christ.

This account comes from the book of John. John says that he wrote these things that we may believe. So, whenever we have doubts or concerns about God, we can read it in His Word, pray about it and talk with others about it.