IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUESTED - Alert System Registration

Dear Christian Academy Families:

Please take a moment ASAP this week to register for our alert system (CALERT!), which can send you text, email, and voice notifications in the event of an emergency, closing, or cancellation.

Registration is free and takes approx. five minutes.

If you registered last year and received alerts as expected, you do not need to register again this year. However, we highly recommend you log in and make sure your information is still accurate.

Click here to begin:  (If needed, detailed instructions are available on the site).

We will test the alert system on Thursday, September 4, at 7:00 PM.

For those new to Christian Academy, we use this system as our primary method to close school, etc.

For help, call ext. 1013 or email Please do not reply to this email.

Thank you very much.


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