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Christian Academy School System | Indiana Elementary | Educational ResourcesConsistent with our mission to develop every student with a heart for God, we also focus on the individual success of our students in the classroom. Academic success is defined differently for every student, so we seek to provide a learning environment that enables our students to achieve their individual educational goals.

Because some students require additional assistance outside of the classroom, the following educational resources are available at Christian Academy of Indiana:

Academic Support:  This is a service provided for students who are struggling with academics in the classroom.  Once a student begins to consistently have difficulty with a particular skill or type of curriculum, the classroom teacher begins communication with the academic support teacher.  The support for the classroom teacher could be teaching accommodations or observations in the classroom. Support for the student may include short term group instruction, screenings or referral for educational testing.

Discovery & Group Discovery: The Discovery Program, a subsidiary of the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD), is an educational therapy program that was developed to treat underlying causes of learning difficulties rather than simply treating the symptoms.  The goal of educational therapy is to help students develop tools for independent learning in the classroom and in life.  Educational therapy is distinct from tutoring because the emphasis is on the development of clear, efficient thinking. Students are given tools to allow them to overcome specific learning weaknesses.  The selection of goals and techniques for this program are based on results from an educational testing battery.

Daily Accountability Program: DAP is a program for middle school students who have organizational difficulties. The purpose of the DAP program is to ensure accuracy in recording homework assignments as well as long term projects and tests.  This program also partners with parents to give daily communication with homework completion. 

Learning Lab: (Available for 8th grade students only.)  This curriculum program helps struggling students with grade level expectations in Middle School.  Students meet daily with the learning lab teacher to work on difficult assignments in a small group setting.  Organization and study skills are also reinforced.  Collaboration with teachers is a strong focus of this program.  Students in this program are also referred using results from an educational testing battery and committee decision.

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