Love in 3-D

Christian Academy School System | Christian Academy Rock Creek | Chapel | 2014-2015 Theme: "Loving God"Dr. Shell asked, “How do you know your mother loves you?” Some of the answers were:

“It’s her job.” Nolan

“She works hard for me.” Audrianna

“She thinks I am special.” Alayna

Dr. Shell went on to say, when you love someone you have to show your love, by doing or saying something to them. This gym is used for P.E. classes, sports practices, and special events, but on Wednesdays it is our place of worship. We come here for this special time to show God we love him.

Our first semester worship team led us in praise today. Mrs. Stewart reminds them and us, that this is not a time for the worship team to be drawing attention to themselves, but a time of leading people to go straight to God’s heart with their worship. We are a room full of worshipers, with an audience of One.