Love in Action- Friction and Forgiveness

Sitting in groups with our chapel buddies, Dr. Shell asked us to share a time when we were really angry. The chapel was a buzz as groups discussed this question.

He then began to tell us about Acts 13 when Paul, Barnabas and John Mark went on their first missionary trip. At one point John Mark left them to return to Jerusalem and write his part of the gospel, while Paula and Barnabas continued. It was a successful trip and they decided to go again. Barnabas wanted to take John Mark but Paul did not because he did not finish their last trip. The discussion was heated, they parted ways and Paul took Silas on his trip while Barnabas took John Mark.

We know this friction did not continue because in II Timothy 4:11, Paul says that Timothy is helpful to his ministry. There is friction in all human relationships but it is never too late to ask forgiveness and make it right.