Love Redefined

The world sees love as hugging, kissing and Valentine’s Cards. God’s love is so much deeper than that. The Bible is full of illustrations of God’s kind of love.

Hosea is an excellent example of obedience to God’s command to love one another, to love unconditionally and to give those who hurt us second chances.

Hosea was told to marry Gomer who was a woman with a terrible reputation. God fearing people would not associate with her, but when God told Hosea to marry her he obeyed and he showed her love. Even though he treated her well, she left him to return to her past sins. God again told Hosea to love her as God loved the Israelites. Once again Hosea obeyed and remarried her.

Isn’t this how God loves us? We love Him, we sin, we ask forgiveness and he gives it over and over. If God loves us like that, shouldn’t we love each other in the same manner?