My Heart-Warming Present to the People in the Nursing Home

"About a month ago, I had this phenomenal Trip to this nursing home. All of fifth grade was going on a field trip, but not just any old everyday field trip, This was a trip where the 5th grade was going to sing Christmas carols (because it was Christmas time, of course) for the special people in the nursing home. This field trip was not just to please us, it was to please them.

When we got there, we played ukuleles, recorders, and also sang our hearts out. We sang and played many different songs, and I noticed the other people that were watching us sing along, too. I could feel myself giving the light and love of Jesus to these sweet, kind people. Also, I was seeing that it WAS better to give than to receive, and also more fun and exciting.

I was beginning to feel kind of sorry for them. These people here don’t have a lot of visitors, you know. We, on the other hand, have our friends and families that we see every day. Most of us are so content and caught up in our world, that we don’t take time to see and respect these people. We were a special thing to these people.

Then, after all that fun, we got to hand out little angels that we made in class. We got to go out and talk to them, pray to them, and listen to them. They talked to us, and I realized that they didn’t just treat us like kids from Rock Creek, they treated us like their friends. And that was our whole goal, to be their friend, to let them know that there are people out there who cared for them. Now, I do understand that they aren’t just lonely, forgotten people, but sometimes, like I said earlier, we sometimes just push those people in our life aside, even though they don’t deserve it.

It felt good that day to help them, and to talk with them. I noticed kids smiling with them, enjoying conversation with them, and some even laughing. That trip was so fun and I enjoyed it a lot. I hoped to come back. That trip, well, was like my heart-warming present to the people in the nursing home."