Open to His Presence

This time of year our hearts are turned to Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection. But before He returned to His heavenly Father, He spent time here on earth with His apostles and others. One Bible story from this time is known as “The Road to Emmaus.”

It is fun to wear costumes and if our costumes are good enough people will not even recognize us. After Jesus resurrection, He was walking down the road that led to Emmaus when he came upon two men who were walking and talking. They were discussing everything that had happened. He asked, “What things?” They began to explain about Jesus deeds, crucifixion, death and the empty tomb.

Jesus wasn’t wearing a costume, yet they did not recognize Him until He broke bread, then their eyes were opened.

Our speaker challenged us to never be too busy to recognize Jesus. To be open and ready to His presence in unexpected places.

His challenge was perfect for our screen free week known as Philippo. Testing week, April 19-23, will be a time of living screen free then spending that time with the Lord and our families. Do not miss out on this opportunity to find that quiet, still time with the Lord.