Diploma Designation Requirements

Students with a strong interest in biomedical studies can earn a diploma distinction at graduation as a student who has successfully completed the requirements for the Christian Academy of Louisville School of Biomedical Science.

Requirements for successful completion are:

  • Submission of a formal application for admittance
  • Minimum membership of two years in HOSA - Future Health Professionals - a national association for the preparation of students entering the healthcare field
  • Completion of specific science classes 
  • Completion of the four PLTW courses 
  • Annual completion of applicable papers, journals and portfolios
  • Participation in the Global Health Missions Conference before graduation 
  • 30 hours of service in a medical field
  • Active CPR certification upon graduation
  • 3.25 unweighted GPA in all core and elective science classes

A year-by-year display of course and support requirements are listed below.

SBS Diploma Designation Requirements Table

*Preapproval of eligible volunteer hours by Biomedical Science teacher is required.
**Exceptions due to transfer must be approved.

Application form is provided here.

Course descriptions are listed on pages 9-10 of the high school course catalog available here.

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