Student and Professional Testimonials


Students and professionals have offered the following thoughts on the course work and applications from the Christian Academy of Louisville School of Biomedical Science:

"These students have the strongest foundation in understanding Biological Medicine but more importantly, they also have the foundation of God's design in practical anatomy and the spirit to use their knowledge to serve Him and others."

- Dr. Mary Nan S. Mallory, University of Louisville School of Medicine,
Professor of Emergency Medicine, Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs

"Our School of Biomedical Science is amazing. I’ve seen that doctors and universities notice the difference that hands-on, exploratory courses have on students. This approach of independent learning transitions to so many other aspects in college and life."

- CAL School of Biomedical Science Graduate

"I know now I want to pursue a career in bioengineering to help others live lives enhanced by what we can do for them. This class has fueled a passion and prepared me for what I want to do with my life."

- CAL Senior

"My doctor is amaze about our class: from dissecting a heart, doing electrophoresis or exploring DNA. He says this is the best experience to understand the body’s complexity."

- CAL Junior

"I’m so impressed with CAL’s Biomedical Science Program, including the curriculum and dedication of the teachers. The hands-on approach to learning in a Christ-centered environment has sparked a passion in my student and will prepare her nicely to be a servant-leader in the medical field."

- Dr. Jennifer Barrickman, Director of Scientific Research 
for Merck Laboratories

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