Seventh Grade Math Placement for Current Sixth Grade Students

Sixth Grade Parents,

I know it is hard to believe that we are already beginning to look at scheduling classes for next year. I hope sixth grade has been a positive transition year for your child, as I know many changes have taken place academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Despite the changes, I am excited about the future of our sixth graders! They seem to have transitioned wonderfully.

I wanted to send out a quick memo about how we will be determining our recommendations for math placement for next year. In seventh grade, we offer two math classes: seventh grade Math and Pre-Algebra. We use several criteria to try and predict which students will be successful in and need the challenge of Pre-Algebra. The criteria are as follows:

  • Math Average through the First 3 Quarters of Sixth Grade 
  • Teacher Rubric 
  • Math Placement Test Score (Orleans-Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test) 
  • Terra Nova Test Total Math Percentile from Sixth Grade 

The Orleans-Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test was administered in your child’s math class on Friday, March 14. Any student who missed the test will make it up with me. This test measures mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills, therefore no preparation was needed. Teachers did not give advanced notice of the test in order to prevent anxiety. The students were told that the test will be used to help determine which math class they should be in next year. The test is only one piece of the criteria used to decide placement.

Once we have all the data necessary to determine placement, a letter will be mailed to you at the end of April. In the meantime, please do not contact your child’s math teacher to ask about his/her placement. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jennifer Thomas
Middle School Counselor
Christian Academy School System
English Station Campus
(502)244-3225 x.1654