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Technology devices, educational application, and rate of accessibility have rapidly changed over the last few years and even months. By the time today’s first graders graduate college they will be hired into jobs that haven’t been invented yet due to the advances in technology.

Technology devices such as document cameras, SMART Boards, netbooks, and tablets are used by teachers to teach and engage students in learning. Students also have the opportunity to create, communicate, and collaborate with the use of various technology devices. At Christian Academy technology devices in the classroom are incorporated as tools for student learning, communication, and purposeful creativity, rather than an added point of interest to a lesson.

At Southwest:

  • All elementary and middle school classrooms have SMART Boards and digital projectors to aid in teacher demonstrations and instruction.
  • Interactive online K-8 technology curriculum provides instruction in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, web design, and online safety.
  • Site license for the latest versions of Mircosoft Office Professional, allows students to learn word processing as an advanced level.Christian Academy School System | Southwest Campus | Technology
  • PowerSchool is used as a student information system with real-time web-based access to grades and attendance.  (Available for third grade and above.)
  • Fiber-opticsInternet is available across the entire campus with a high speed Cisco network that is both wired and wireless, giving access to over 100 computers.  (Enterprise-class Internet filter helps make sure students are safe while online.)
  • Audio amplification systems allow for daily and emergency announcements in all classrooms and hallways.
  • An e911 communications system alerts first responders and administrators of location and time of 911 calls.
  • An emergency alert system with text messaging, emails and phone communication, notifies parents in the event of school closings or schedule changes.

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