Thank You Parent Volunteers!

Rock Creek is a very sweet little elementary school with a warm and friendly reputation. What creates this special environment? We believe it is directly correlated to the amount of family involvement with school activities. For example, last May at our annual Field Day we had approximately 125 adult family members on campus volunteering for all or part of the day. Unbelievable - 125 adults from 179 students enrolled in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Any school would be envious of a 70% parent participation rate! When your children see you involved in school activities, you are showing them that you value their education. Thank you for making Rock Creek a uniquely warm and caring elementary school.

The Rock Creek Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) has volunteer opportunities for the 2012-2013 school year. Nancy Dupps, PTO president, and I want to make you aware of areas in which parent/grandparent help is needed. Please contact her at 386-3775 or to volunteer. There are many opportunities for you to be involved and Nancy would love to get you connected in an area that fits your interest or abilities. Be sure to give her a call or look her up on Back to School Day.

Christmas at CAL - Leadership Team
This is our popular family fun festival and the largest fundraiser/school event of the year. Many volunteers are already in place and hard at work, but we need a Leadership Team to oversee this event. Nancy envisions a small team of two or three people who work together to coordinate the volunteer committees.

Lunchroom: Volunteer Coordinator
This person or team coordinates the calendar and sends reminders to lunchroom volunteers when it is their turn to "serve." This coordinator is not sentenced to lunchroom duty when no one shows up! We hope to have a volunteer calendar on the web page for lunchroom and morning carpool volunteers to check work dates.

Beautification: Volunteer Coordinator
This is perfect for a parent/grandparent who just loves to put their hands in the dirt and enjoy the colorful fruits of their labor.As I write this, the shrubs along the walkway are in desperate need of trimming! This volunteer would plan a couple of campus work days and maintain a list of small jobs for volunteers to complete. In essence, it is serving as a point of contact for maintaining the shrubs and flower beds on campus. We do have a volunteer parent, Cristian Casper, owner of Louisville Landscape, who will work with the coordinator.

Thank you for being involved.

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