The Hunger Games- An Elementary Perspective

Dear Elementary Parents,

With the huge success of The Hunger Games, more and more students are requesting to use these books as either their book report books, or their free read books. I love that your children are eager to read, however, the violence and premise of this series is not appropriate for our elementary aged children. Here is a partial quote from the review in Focus on the Family :

In this tale of 24 teenagers forced to kill each other, readers follow a number of gruesome, bloody and otherwise disturbing scenes. One tribute murders another by snapping his neck. Other tributes are killed by spears, arrows, blows to the head with rocks, and the stings of mutated yellow jackets. Wounds ooze blood and puss, and the wounded smell festering flesh. One of the final tributes is mauled by a pack of rabid dog-like creatures for hours before he dies.

God placed your children under my care and I have the responsibility to protect them, nurture them, encourage them, and to maintain their innocence. The rate of children’s maturity greatly varies and what is allowed in homes varies greatly. Families with teenagers often have very different dinner discussions than families whose oldest child is a third grader. After considering all factors, my decision is based on what is in the best interest of the entire student body. There are many good books to read at school and for book reports.

Bottom Line at School: English Station Elementary students will not be allowed to use The Hunger Games for book reports, and students will not be allowed to read the books in the classroom. I request that these books stay at home.

Thank you for your understanding and support of this decision. Please know this is a system wide decision that will be adhered to by all elementary campuses.

In His Service,
Rebecca Thompson
Elementary Principal
Christian Academy School System
700 S. English Station Road
Louisville, KY 40245
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Fax: (502) 753-4547